100% Pure Unrefined Golden Jojoba


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The Jojoba plant is native to the Sonoran Desert of southern Arizona/California and northwestern Mexico but today is cultivated across the world in desert-like climates. Hobacare is owned by a co-op of jojoba farmers. Controlling the process from farm to bottle, their final product is certified organic and 100% pesticide free.

Jojoba extract, while commonly referred to as “jojoba oil”, is actually a liquid wax. The liquid wax esters in jojoba are the closest thing in the plant world to the sebum our skin produces, which makes jojoba incredibly compatible with our skin.

Jojoba is nontoxic, nonallergenic (the extract is pressed from a seed, not a nut, and is safe for consumers with nut allergies), and noncomedogenic , meaning it will not clog the pores thanks to its compatibility with our sebum. Being a liquid wax with very low levels of triglycerides, jojoba does not easily oxidize, making it remarkably shelf-stable and able to withstand heat without any loss in its properties, unlike most plant oils.

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